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Painting Trem?


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Powder coating.

    This is probably the best solution if you want your hardware painted.

    Powder Coating is an advanced yet simple way of spray-painting a very fine, dry plastic powder paint onto a metal surface. As the powder paint cloud gently leaves the front of the spray gun, it is charged with static electricity. The charge attracts the powder paint to the part that requires coating. The part is then placed in an oven, where it bakes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. While in the oven, the powder paint melts and flows into a beautiful and durable finish. Primers are not necessary. And there are no unsightly runs or drips, as often results with the use of wet paint. Prior to baking, powder coating is very forgiving of coating mistakes. Because it is powder, the paint can be blown with a low-pressure air nozzle, quickly and easily covering up the mistake.

    This *can* be done "at home" IF you have the right equipment!! Which includes a powder spray-gun, oven, spray booth,... So it will cost you ALOT!

    Another possibility is letting it do for you, again in an industrial environment were they are specialised in the process.

I know one of our companies has small powder coating booth in one of their research labs. I might look into this. I think Ibanez' colored (grey nickel and black) hardware is powder coated too. I need to turn a grey trem into a black trem. Or keep on hunting for black one.

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