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Master Tone Vs Master Volume

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I am currently building a left handed rhoads style V. you might know the thread in the in progress section of the forum. I am at the stage where I am going to wire the thing. I have a Zakk Wylde EMG set. I decided on three control pots. I cannot decide if my layout should be master volume, and 2 tones, or Master tone and two volumes (one for each pickup) Jackson makes models with either so thats no help. My question is:

What have you found are the advantages/disadvantages to each type of setup? Which do YOU prefer and why?

I also want to make that toggle switching sound that Van Halen uses a lot (you really got me)

Thanks your advice is appreciated

Rock & Roll

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definately 2 volumes and a master tone for me, but then i am used to jazz bass wiring. I tend to stick with the bridge with a little bit of neck rolled in, couldnt do this without the two volumes. the tone is the one i tend to leave where it is anyway, if i had two they would both be on full.

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I make heavy use of my tone knobs and rarely touch the volume. For me I get more tonal variation with the tone than any kind of blend.

On my main guitar I have push pull pots so I esencially have four tone options. On the bridge I have a Q-Filter (LCR network thingy to reduce impedence) and conventional tone and the neck has two caps I can switch between. I don't really switch between the caps much but I use the bridge options all the time.

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Based on my memory (dont have it on CD and the turntable is broke) he use the "I have turned down the volyme on one pickup and have the other up and just wiggle it forth and back" routine. But my memory might fail me...

So that one more reason to have two volume and one tone. If not it is not possible to get that sound.

BTW Did he even had two pickups in his guitar at that time?

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