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Distance Fro Nut To First Fret On 25.5" Scale

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hi, I'm trying to fix up my nut cuz it's bit crooked. the high E side is about 36mm from the first fret, and the bass side is about 35mm from the first fret. it's an OEM Earvana compensated nut for ESP/LTD guitars. the guitar is an LTD SC500. I just installed it yesterday but found out it's a bit crooked. the scale length on this guitar is 25.5"

thanks for any help!

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The Earvana people should give their customers specific answers to questions like this. If they don't, that's very uncool. If they do, then 'way to go, good for you, for backing up your product.'

I was told by someone who "took a luthier class", that when an OEM Earvana is installed on a regular neck, they mill off the same amount from the nut slot, toward the 1st fret, as is milled off when installing an LSR roller nut. How true that is, I don't know.

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