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Swirl Pickguard And Pickup Covers?


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Has anybody ever tried to swirl a pickguard and pickup covers at the same time as the body, so that they all blend into each other?

My idea is to somehow attach the pickup covers to the pickguard (maybe duct tape on the back?), screw the pickguard to the body, and dip. :D

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the only thing id look out for is not letting ANY water get underneath that pickgaurd. If it gets in there your gonna have to drain it out or it will damage the wood just soaking inside the cavities. and if your draining out that much water its probably going to screw up the swirl. there has to be some kind of solution though. you could possibly get away with trying to pour it out of the pickup holes, but i wouldnt do it on a valuable guitar if you know what i mean. heh heh... another problem is that once you do the pickgaurd and the body together, as soon as you take off the pickgaurd the paint is going to flake off. But enough of my problems im creating... someone must have a solution....

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I thought about the clear pickguard solution, but with a strat, that means that all the wiring, pots, etc. will show through. And, I'm not that neat at wiring, yet.

I didn't think about the flaking paint problem when I take the pickguard off. I thought I could dip, hang, and then remove the pickguard before the paint set up.

I'm not an artist, but maybe I'd be better off trying to paint the swirl pattern onto the pickguard, and use a clear pickguard as a protector over the painted one.

I can just add that to all the challenges I'm already taking on with this crazy project.

I think I'll pass on the pickup covers, though. I can't see myself sanding the little guys. But, maybe . . .

I really think I ought to be committed to one of those nice, restful, "homes" somewhere. If I spent as much time practicing my guitar as planning this project, I might actually learn to play the thing!

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Let me start by saying I have never tried this but it seems logical to me.

I would let all the paint dry before removing the pickguard, or you will smudge it for sure. Let the paint dry and then trace around the pickguard with a sharp exacto knife or a scalpel to break the paint between the guard and the guitar body. Be very careful doing this.

After you get the body and the guard seperated, spray alot of clearcoats over the guard to protect the paint . After you remove the pickguard be extra careful not to flex it in any way or your swirl may crack.

I'm not sure of how you should deal with the water in cavities, but I know it's a big issue when swirling. Don't want that wood to warp!

Just my $.02.

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