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Gibson Neck

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If you want an accurate replica, buy some plans. StewMac has 'em, among other folks. And a copy of Melvyn Hiscock's 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar' will come in handy as well.

I have no clue what the specs are, because I really don't care if I'm vintage correct. Make something that's solid, and yer there.

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Once you glue in the tenon(if you did it correctly), you'll never see it again. So what difference does it makes what the dimensions are as long as it works...and works well? None the less, buy a set of Stewart Macdonald's 50's LP plans. You'll have to change the thickness of the body if you want it to fit modern specs, but other than that, they're very helpfull and detailed.

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I am trying to make a gibson les paul with a set maple neck and I tried warmoth and they will not make the heel and neck pocket suitable for a set neck where do I get the parts or is there away to make warmoths work.

You're talking about converting a bolt-on to a set-neck?

Well, that's my personal experiment...I'm just finishing my first guitar with that idea the Rocket 350 ...the neck I used turned out to have a faked tenon ...(my own fault for buying something with a bad photo)

It's possible --I take my inspiration from the Gibson Melody Maker neck, which is basically a bolt-on style heel shaped into set-neck style, but without the tenon.

But of course, that's much different from an LP-style tenon. Then again, since you want to make an LP with a maple neck, you're probably NOT trying to replicate an exact copy, right?

Anyway, if you donate to this site (assuming you'll be sticking around and using the great resources and advice here) then you'll get access to a downloads section --there's a pretty good LP plan that will give you a good idea of what the tenon should look like.

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