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Gap Between Fingerboard And Binding :(

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hi i recently bought a fender tele custom that came with neck binding i i realized that there is a pretty small gap between the fretboard and the binding... i was wondering if anything bad can happen because of this? i cant take it to theshop because they say they cant fix it lol. should i fill it up with krazy glue or something?? its really bugging me because im really paranoid about my guitars :D.

i have attached pics..

thx please help


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Sort of looks like the binding's come loose a little, or possibly the fingerboard's shrunk a tad (I suspect the former because of how 'far' the end of the fret is from the binding).

Either way, if it's solid, not moving anywhere, and doesn't interfere with your playing, I'd leave it alone. Get it fixed/fix it next time you get that guitar refretted (if ever). There's no structural danger here.

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