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Acrylic Paint On Guitars


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Hey i have an idea for a guitar... i was gonna paint some trippy looking stuff over a cream stratocaster. But I will be using acrylics and i would be brushing it on. First is this okay? and second when i dries will i need to sand it or what? has anyone here ever brushed on acrylics and had success? If so let me know :D

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Jimi Hendrix- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/fabg...20Strat/mp1.jpg

Eric Clapton- http://www.tenstorylove.com/bpage/images/esp_front.jpg

George Harrison- http://www.tenstorylove.com/bpage/images/rocky_top.jpg

Don'y know how good they look but they sure ar succesful, unless you have HUGE brush marks, clearing and then sanding will still work.

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