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Easiest Fix Ever..


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i should have probably put this in the off topics chat area but i though all you ohm heads would enjoy it. the lead player in a local band brought me an early 90's era tele the other day..humbucker in the neck, single in the bridge, basic three way switch. said he gave a guy $50 bucks for it because the guy had, "tried every thing he knew but just couldn't figure out why the electronics wouldn't work and he was tired of messing with it." my customer said he figured if i couldn't fix it he'd get his money back from it even if he just sold it on ebay the way it was.

anyway, i checked and sure enough no sound at all..no humm, pop or anything so i pulled the pick guard and voila..i had noticed that two of the four screws holding the humbucker to it's ring were missing when i first inspected it. when i popped the top the first thing that i saw was that the two pickup springs had dropped into the wiring channel and traveled down and were lodged in the output jack shorting it out. pulled 'em out and it worked fine. i did a cleaning and setup and the customer came in the next day and picked it up. even with my fee he got a great sounding guitar for under a hundred bucks.

no punch line or moral..just what i thought was funny.

happy holidays to you all.

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You should have charged him at least what he paid for the thing.  :D

well, with the cleaning and setting up and setting the intonation and all it was pretty close mark..not quite, but close.:D

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Besides, you got "Magic" points for being able to solve his problem so easily - I sure hope you didn't tell him how you did it!  :D

nope..just said that it was a fairly easy fix and it was working right now and what a great deal he made.

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I had something similar with one of the cheapo asian tele clones I bought...the bridge pickup worked fine, but for some reason I couldn't get sound from the neck pickup, or either pickup in the middle position.

I opened it up and--surprise--there was a broken off piece of a drill bit wedged into against the switch. Took that out and it worked.

Luckily it wasn't a finger, I figure...

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