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Holy Scallop Batman!

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it looks like some1 painted an the body gold screwed up,painted it red, screwed that up, then painted it brown (only god knows why), then that screwed up (maybe the guy wouldnt take the hint)so he painted it black, stuffed that up too so finally he painted it turquoise, but then decided to start over, and got halfway through sanding it and sold it on ebay.... well attempted to.



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You could put charcoal in there and cook a steak on that fretboard. Which would be fitting because that neck needs to be BBQ'd.

How much more scalloped could that neck be? None more scalloped. Um, hey were you able to clean all that truss rod out of your files and sandpaper? How did that go? How many vacuum bags did you go through cleaning up the wood shavings? Two? Maybe three?

Sorry I can't help it. He's probably a nice guy. I shouldn't be making jok-hey did you build a whole other neck with the shavings?

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Man, and I thought this one I did 11 years ago was/is barbaric :




Because I did the bulk work of the scalloping with this :


Seemed the best option at the time for scalloping phenolic (did two of those boards. Never scalloped real wood)

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The funniest thing is that all those necks scare me, because I have thin long fingers, and when playing on most scalloped necks, my fingers fall right past the strings sometimes...I might lose them on that first neck.

As for the body....what wood is that?!? it looks like cheap particle board that my dresser is made of! Further more...."It's Color Is A Very Unusual Turquoise Gold/Gray/Black/Brown/Red Combination That Appear To Be The Colors In A Natural Piece Of Turquoise....Which Also Has Silver Sparkle In It." :D

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