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Creating Pickguards


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I recently made a pickguard for a Tele style guitar. I made it from laminated w/b/w material purchased from StewMac or Grizzly (can't remember - both have it). StewMac has some instructions on their site.

Best I can recall, here are the steps I did.

1) made a posterboard template to size and shape and marked location of pickups, pots, switch, screw holes, etc.

2) made an MDF template using the posterboard template as a guide.

3) trimmed the blank pickguard material to rough size with a jig saw

4) attached the blank to the MDF template with double stick tape

5) routed the edge to the template using a straight template bit in my router

6) routed out the cutout for the pups using the same bit (after drilling a hole for the bit to fit in)

7) routed the edge again using a 45 degree template bit in my router

8) drilled holes for the pots, switch and screw holes on my drill press

9) beveled the screw holes using a countersink bit

10) cleaned up the line of holes I drilled for the switch with a file (haven't finished that yet so its still a little rough)

11) used a small scraper to clean up some of the edges

Here is a pic of the pickguard sitting on the MDF template and the tools I used. The pickguard still has the protective plastic cover on it. I used my router at regular speed (its not variable speed). I had no problems with melting the material. Cut like butter.

Hope this helps.


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