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Tony Macalpine Guitar Schematic


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ok i got the carvin cd in the mail. and was checking it out. and tonys guitar is basicaly an off the shelf model but he has a push pull switch to switch to a clean tone.

now at first i was thinking it was just like a preset volume control. but this is crystal clear going from full on metal chug to crystal clear. so my thinking is this.

1. using actives to drive preamp and this turns it down keeping it bright.

2. built in distortion [not really since he uses a legacy head]

3. some sort of channel switcher built into the guitar.

I mean i know the old roll back the volume trick. and have put it on push push pots. before but this is completely crystal clear. so thought i would ask. i coudlnt' find any info on it.

anyway, wild bill any takers.???

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