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Guitar Of The Year?

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I'll talk with Brian about it, but I also think it's a good idea. 

There are so many incredible guitars built this past year, it'll be a tough vote.

We'll get something up soon.


And I still think it'd be nice to get a special mention vote out there too --there were a lot of great guitars that just had the misfortune to go up against stiff competition --(I'm thinking especially about albertop's SG, one of my favorites from the year). It'd be nice to give them another chance --and it'd be even more fun if the winners make the nomination for their month.

But maybe I'm alone in this one...

Nope, that sounds interesting to me. Maybe a bit too much like actual work, though...

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I'm thinking about a few ideas on how to get everyone in on this:

Option 1:

- GOTY= All montly winners are entered.

- "Part Deux"= All non-winner entrants.

Option 2:

- GOTY- Gold medal, Silver medal, Bronze medal. Includes all past entrants.

Option 3:

- GOTY= All monthly winners: Gold, Silver, Bronze.

- All non-winners: Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I like option 3 the best...the GOTM winners deserve to have a face-off among themselves.

I recognize that organizing a "winner's choice" award would be tough, trying to get everyone to decide and make up their mind on time and all.

How about a mods choice then--say, the mods single out 12 non-winners (not necessarily one per month) they think are deserving of special mention?

Opening it up to every entry will end up diluting the vote too much.

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what we could do, is put a thread up, like we always do for GOTM, but it has a bit more restrictions, like, for example:

1) Entries cannot be a different finish of what it was entered to begin with

2) Entries cannot have been modified (bridges, necks, hardware) then it was to begin with

Thats all i got for restrictions, but, I mean, that would make the most sence, you can upgrade pictures, incase you got a better camera, or whatever.

Maybe it can be based solely on nominations (nominate your new mods comes to mind) and the nominees can accept or decline if they so wish?

Food for thought anyways...


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I'd say option 1, simpler, and easier to do.

As for problems with polls not having enough options for 12 entries, if that is actually the case, a solution could be to put the guitars in a thread and have people post as a vote, rather than use the poll options. Then someone could collate the posts into a result (I'd be more than happy to do that if needed).

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I'm gonna have to break from the crowd and go with option #2. The guitars that won each month have already had their time in the spotlight. The point of this competition is not to see which is the best guitar from the winners, it's just to see the all-around best guitar of the year, regardless of whether it's won in the past or not.

Competition has been tough this year, and there are a lot of guitars out there that deserve a second look for this competition. Option #2 is the simplest and fairest option, and will likely make the competition far more interesting, too, to see how past non-winners compare against other months' entries.

Just my $.02.

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