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3-way 4-pole Toggle Switch Wiring


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I'm trying to replace the toggle swtich in my OLP MM1 guitar and need some help.

The guitar has (2) 2-conductor humbucker pickups (1) volume control and the 3-way toggle. The replacement toggle switch that I have is a 3-way, 4-pole switch, and it has a total of 12 terminals on the backside.

Here's a link to the exact switch I have ...


Does anyone have a wiring diagram that may help? :D


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If it were as easy as finding it on any website, I would have done so.

I have already checked out EVERY wiring diagram on the site above and have done numerous searches .... still nothing.

I have a very simple configuration (2-humbuckers, 1-volume, and 3-way toggle).

The problem is, this particular switch is obviously made for more complicated applications having 12 terminals.

Maybe you could lend me YOUR "dead cat"?

You seem to have better luck. :D

I'll figure it out.


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Dude, here's your dead cat: your 3p4t switch is just like 4 gibson style leaf switches hooked together. Each row of 3 terminals is a spdt switch, the middle terminal being the common. Just use one set of terminals, the other 3 are unneccessary.



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