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Wood Suppliers

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Anyone know any good/decent wood suppliers in Nova-Scotia? My dad probably does, and I've asked him but he didn't really give me a definitive answer. Just kind of a "Yes, " and walked off :D Not that he's not supportive in this whole thing mind you. But anyhow, anyone know any good wood suppliers in the Nova-Scotia area? Looking for some swamp ash mind you. Thanks a milllion!

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since when, what? Most of the people here dont build new guitars, they modify them or build from premade parts. How many members are there, thousands, how many guitars do we see?? 10 a month? Versus how many wanna add a black ice each month, or rewire with seven 5 ways switchs and three humbuckers....

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Hi ya there. Don't know of anyone "local" per say, but there are lots of suppliers for blanks and what not floating around. I've been having trouble finding local suppliers in Ontario myself and have come to the conclusion that I'll likely have to order a wood or a blank especially if I wanna go with swamp ash. Closest to local I can find is still 200 kliks away. Seems as though some helpful folk here only feel like lowering themselves to help us idiots if it serves their purposes, but I'll try to point ya in the right direction anyway.

There are several decent suppliers of wood, blanks etc. on the home page of the Project Guitar site here.


Hope that helps you if you can't find a local supply, and if you need more references just give me a shout. There are a few more I can dig up including the one I mentioned here in Ontario.

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