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Jeff Miller Shows How He Built A Guitar.


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I'm planning on doing a similar guitar with simpler electronics, and I thought it would be much easier to set the mahoghany and maple together before even cutting out the the shape of the body. The only major difference is that I'm going to be using a bolt on neck. Any thoughts on which way is more practical? Thanks.

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Too bad about the rear access plates, but the rest is killer!

I second that Greg! I am against using different type of wood in the control plates... It detract from the flow of the guitar. I do admire the marksmanship that took to acomplish the covers, but even in mahogany with a different grain would have looked better. Everything else is great. I'm a bit thrown away with that he carved the top before glueing it, but everybody has their different methods.

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You can't get the Variax electronics seperately, as far as I know. You'll just have to get the cheapest Variax (the 500?) and gut it.

Regarding the wood contrast, I agree that even a different mahogany would have worked better.

BUT, that failing-- I think he should have gone for the gusto and just made the rear access panels in the same red as the top. :D It'd contrast, but still be consistent with the guitar. In any event, even he seems to acknowledge it was a bad choice. If it bugs him enough, you could see an update photo some day: "I just HAD to make new panels," or "I stripped them back down and dyed them red."


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