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Spray Paint!

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I have a Japanese GTX.....which is basically an American strat rip off. Ive had it for six years, and guess what.....I wanna paint it. Its not a bad Idea because its a crap guitar!

So.....has anyone done this? How difficult is it? What happens if I dont sand it at all and just spray to my hearts desire?

I am such a punk rocker.

No seriously, any feedback is much appreciated!

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There's whole sections on this... if you would have scrolled down an inch or two there's a section called "Inlay and Finishing".... TONS of people on here use spray paint to paint their guitars. You're gunna wanna get some good stuff, some nitro or poly. HOWEVER I did EXACTLY what you're talkinga bout on my first guitar. Sanded back the paint only half way and then just said "screw it" and sprayed to my hear'ts content. Then I sponge painted on top of that giving it texture. Either way, it turned out fine... not shiny cause i didn't clear coat or buff it. But whatever, from the sound of it and you being "so punk rock!" (????) doesn't sound like you want anything to shiny and flashy, you just wanna paint. Either way, now that I've helped a little, I'll bash a little, there's a search function, and like I said TONS here spray paint. From now on use the search first.


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