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Teisco Wiring


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I got an old teisco here that I want to rewire. The guy who had this guitar last installed a humbucker in between the two single coils and didn't add its own switch or knobs, so basically it's controlled through the singles (if that makes sense). The wiring is also very butchered.

I'm no wiring expert but as you can see there looks to be speaker wire being used, a few wires with different gauges, one unshielded wire, and a car wreck of wires being crumbled together and maybe even blended together. It just doesn't look right to me and if it wasn't, I'd still want to do this as a nice project. Here's a picture of the wiring job.



The pots say 8500k ohm (I'm guessing just 500k right? lol)

The orange cap says 503M R50 (little help here?)

Basically I am going to leave the humbucker for decoration only. It won't be wired. The reason why is because it's left its mark with the faded pickguard gloss and drilled hole for the wire. I would need something to cover the tip of the wire on the humbucker I'm assuming so it doesn't touch other wires or solder and what not. Maybe electrical tape?

Does anyone know where I could find a schematic to redo this guitar? If someone could draw me up a schematic that would be even more amazing and I'd appreciate it very much. If you can't figure it out with the picture, then here is what I gather;

2 fender jazzmaster style switches (3 polepieces)

2 single coils (3 wires each)

2 tones (3 polepieces)

1 volume (3 pole pieces)

1 mono jack similar to this 4652



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The pots say B500k, B means they are linear. The cap is a 50n or .05 uF cap. Ughh just look at the pic. That is a mess. I can't really help with a schematic right now but you will need another capacitor if you only have the one and you want two tone controls. Don't bother searching high and low to find a 50n (.05uF) if they aren't stocked in your local stores, 47n(.047uF) will be close enough.

Can you read schematics? If you can, checkout lots of wiring for guitars. You will find that most guitars use a similar tone control (with different values) and the same volume setup. Feed the positive pickup wire to the center pole of the switch and take signal out of the end that will indicate the pickup is on. Then make the remaining pole a connection to ground. Should be an improvement over how it is wired now.

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I took it upon myself to draw a schematic of how the teisco is currently wired. It looks like a bomb. I'm going to spend some time looking at schematics, and draw up a new schematic. I'll post it here and see what you guys think if it's correct or not since I am learning. Surprisingly the 2 way switch is different from Fender, as Fenders have 6 lugs and this one has 3. If this is correct then I'm going to shoot myself, but I believe 99.9% that the way it's wired now is wrong.


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