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Tone For Each Pickup


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What kind of guitar is it? How many pickups? We need more info to be able to help.

Also: Try the search funtion. I'm pretty sure the info is already availible in the forum...

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OK, searching for “tone pot” gave a LOT of hits…

Anyway, if it's a standard Strat wiring (standard 5-way lever switch, vol, bridge tone, mid tone) it's a simple fix. Move the wire from the bridge tone pot to the 5-way switch from its current lug to the vacant lug. Now you got vol, mid tone and neck tone. If you also want a bridge tone, instead of moving the wire, keep it in place, get a 250K pot and wire it just like the pot without capacitor (original bridge or mid) except that you solder it to the vacant lug on the switch .

EDIT: I might have mixed things up, regarding what’s a "standard Strat wiring". Isn't what you’re describing actually a standard wiring? The wiring whith neck and mid tone is described here. Tell us what you got and I'll try to help you to get it right

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Does any one know how to wire up a guitar to get diffrent tones for each pickups or atleast a tone for the neck and a diffrent tone for the middle?

try doing series/parrallel and phase/out of phase switching, the brian may wiring can do this but needs 7 switches and a new pickguard


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