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A Fretless Buzzing?

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Its an SX bass fretless, but it has problems in the first and second mmm frets?  :D  the other part of the fretboard sounds good, what do you think guys? the fretboard has a lump? any advice? the nut looks good, what do you think?

sounds like the nut slots might be cut just a tad too deep. to check loosen up a couple of strings and put a small piece of something like a business card under the string..re-tune and see if that eliminates it. if so you need to get a new nut or to build up the slots a bit or to shim the whole nut.

good luck.

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Yep, most likely the nut. Before you go taking the nut off, you may want to get yourself a straight edge at least as long as the fingerboard and check it for any "lumps", most likely low spots. They should show up pretty good on a fretless bass.

Good luck.

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im also having a buzzing problem with a fretless bass. i refinished the bass and i have a buzz on the g string about where the 9th fret would be the rest of the way up the the end of the neck. i made my own nut and radius sander to sand the neck a bit to remove the groves left by round wound strings the previous owner used on it and am tryin to set it up now and everything seems good except that problem. also could use some set up tips on a fretless, i cant seem to find anything on it, like truss rod adjustments and aprox string heights. any help would be great.

i checked for flat spots with the straightest thing i could find and havnet noticed really anything, but the ruler is prob not ery straight.


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