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First Timer!

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hey guys, ive looked around..did abit of searching but i thought id better jus post what i needed help on :D

ok i have a body here no paint no nothing just wood, but im told i cant just paint it :s i need to prime it then paint it, then i was told i need to seal it then primer it then paint it :s im so lost...so could you guys help me out abit?? tell me what ive got to do..some good brands etc??

thanks very much

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Sure, it gets confusing.

Your basic order of events:

1. Sand the wood

2. Grain fill the wood or use sanding sealer or both.

3. Prime (if using a color coat and you want to hide the wood grain)

4. Color coat (if using color)

5. Clear coats.

6. Sand

7. Polish

Do some searching, all of the info is available here.

I figured out that a lot of finishing guitars comes down to personal preference, but this is the basic order of events. Some people skip certain steps, others add extra steps. A lot depends on the materials you use too.

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