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aging pickup covers


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opened an old box to find... some very old strat parts, one yellowed pickup cover and full knob set. they'd be about 25 years old and they look it. amazing. i'm gonna put them on one of my strats.

question is - which of the replacement brands out there make a pickup cover that can be stained with tea/coffee/whatever to get that aged look? or should i just buy some pre-stained?

it may sound silly but i'd like to have the amount of yellowing decrease from top to bottom, just like on this real one i've found. (what i wouldn't GIVE to know where the other two are...)



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i think most white ones will yellow no matter what won't they? to speed it up (couple months instead of years) try leaving them on a window sill on the top floor of ur house facing south. well... that's if u want to go the all natural rout.. wouldn't a high powered UV light do the same thing in a matter of hours?

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Yea, i tried coffee and tea, didn't exactly help, what I found worked the best was rubbing your fingers on a bbq grill (not while its on :D) and then jest rub it on the pickguard/pickup covers, the problem is, it is really easy to just wipe off, I've been trying lots of things, just gotta figure out how to make the stuff stay on.


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The best thing I've found is KIWI brown shoe polish. I used it on my Strat and Tele white bodies and it gave a nice aged look. I steel wooled the Tele because I wanted to ding it up to relic it...did'nt want shiney dings...it turned real dark. Both are poly finish. I had to use some varnish remover to take it off. Rub on and rub off quickly..you can always go darker. On some plastics, it darkens nice and quick...on some parts, it does'nt stick. A quick wipe with some lacquer thinner to remove the wax or mold release stuff should help adhesion. I did hear some 'brands' of parts just don't take any stain. I noticed some parts have worn back to white, but it's minor...I just redid them. Works on Maple necks too. I was amazed poly could be stained with this stuff.

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