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Epiphone Pickup Wiring Help Needed!


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I'm trying to install a pickup from an old epiphone les paul into another guitar, and I seem to be stuck. The setup i'm going for has just the one humbucker (it has one hot and a ground), a volume, and a tone knob (all parts from the origional guitar). I've tried several configurations suggested by tutorials and similar projects but none of them seem to be working.

this is one of the ones i've tried:


i assume I just ignore the red and white soldered together (cause i don't have them), but this configurateion doesn't work either..

Anybody got a wireing diagram or ideas? Thanks!

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You haven’t told us what “not working” means but I assume that the pickup is dead. The schematic is good, and you are right about ignoring the part about the soldered red and white wires.

I suspect that one or more of the components from the Epiphone has been damaged in the process. Start to exclude parts to find out what’s working and what’s not. I’d start with the pickup going directly to the output jack. Any sound? I no, the pickup is broken. If yeas try to add the vol pot, test it, add the tone pot, and test again. If the pickup is broken it is probably the wires from the coils that is broken. Try carefully to follow the leads and check all solder joints. You can also VERY CAREFULLY try to peal of some of the tape around the coils if you do not se any solder joints. As a LAST thing to do you can peal all of the tape off and substitute all the wires from the coils. Remember that this is a risky thing to do. If you have any doubt that you will pull this of, stay away from doing it. It is very possible that you will ruin a working pickup with a faulty wire if you slip during this procedure.

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Well "not working" most nearly means "nothing happens when i hook it up", so you may be correct... However the pickup was working before it was taken from the Epiphone a day ago. I'm gunna try your breakdown idea and take it step by step.

i can't get pics of it unfortunately... but i'll keep this updated.

thanks :D

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