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Stick Bridge

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I'm trying to create a bridge for a Chapman Stick type instrument. Does anyone know where they obtain these screws and how they work? I assume the screws that hold up the strings are simply threaded rods with a v-groove in the top. The string spacing is only 0.300", so they must be pretty small, I'm thinking around 10-32 or maybe 12-32 (anyone know where to get that?). I'm comfortable custom machining all of the parts, but don't know a solution yet for that lifting screw. Any suggestions on size or maybe an available bridge I can steal parts from?



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There are brass nuts made that way too. I would think that you could cut a groove in the tops of cut off pieces of threaded rod like you mentioned. Allparts has the brass nuts for guitar and bass, maybe you could scarf the screws from one of those.


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Notice how the saddles are tilted back slightly that means no matter at what rotation the thradded rod is it still has the high side toward the nut.

As far as the screw, You could turn your own on a lathe. Make one big long treaded portion and the divide it up.

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