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Want To Make A Good Preamp


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I just got a new car stereo and my fiend hooked up an Aux-input to it. I want to make a preamp to power my guitar and to send into the input so i can blast my guitar over my really expensive 6x9 boston acoustics (car stereo speakers). So, i want to know what are some good small preamps that i can leave in my car so i can just plug and play. Im looking for little to no distortion with decent sound quality.

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I would help you here but when you blow up your car speakers i dont' want to be held responsible. Any of the stuff at ROG will work or a basic distortion pedal.

the speakers were not designed to have guitar played in them but i will let you learn like my student learned in highschool. "listen to the sound" listens in awe of awesome rock tone. next day. "my speakers are blown" quitely chuckles to himself.


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