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Stanley Dovetail Saw


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Hi guys!

I saw somewhere here that Stanley Dovetail Saw is perfect for fret work (with 0.023 kerf). I want to buy one, but I have found two Stanley Dovetail Saws.

Link: http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?TY...ND+COMPASS+SAWS

There is 15-739 and 15-022 models. Pls. check the site and tell me difference between 15-739 and 15-022. As I can see, there is no one. They don't provide details about width of cut. Is there any experiance with both? Which one is better? Which one have good width of cut (0.023) for fret work.

Thanks in advance!

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One more question!

Does bridge radius needs to be the same as fretboard radius? I think it should, but I am just checking to be sure! If I want to use Schaller floyd rose, I need to make the same radius with fingerboard. By the way, what is Schaller floyd rose radius? I found information that it is 14" and on the other place 10". Anybody have some datasheet for diferent floyd rose tremolos?


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Can't tell you anything about the Stanley if they don't publish the specs.

This one will work for sure: stewmac fret slotting saw

You should try to match the fingerboard radius to the bridge radius to allow for the best action. E-mail Schaller if you can't find the specs anywhere: contact Schaller

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Yes the fretboard radius should be the same as the bridge.

Schaller Floyd Roses are 14 inch radius

Floyd Rose bridges are 12, and I think there is one or two that's 10. (Check their site)

If you're doing a compound radius fretboard, your nut should be the same as the first fret, and your bridge should be the same as the last. However, wait until some of the pros here can verify that. I haven't inquired in such a long time about it so some of this information may have slipped my brain.

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