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Pickup Question


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Hi, I was just wondering if It would be suitable for a guitar to have greatly varied DC between its pickups?

E.G: A Standard Strat is fitted with this configuration...

(Neck)6.5K Vintage Pickup

(Mid)7.5K Slightly High Output Pickup

(Bridge)13K Hot Rails or Equivalent

Just an example to slow you what I mean.

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it doesnt matter what the output is it will just sound different and unbalanced (not that it matters, a 5k mid and 15k bridge would be unbalanced but could be compensated with the distance from the strings).

personally i prefer lower ratings (about 5k for each pickup) and i push any distortion/overdrive/warmth through the amp with either onboard effects or overdrive pedels, then i can have a nice clean tone with nothing added.

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