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December Contest

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Same as the November contest but the links should be based on acoustic guitar building!

This contest will run the length of December B)

Everyone that participates following the rules listed below will become a winner. :D

All you have to do is submit a link in this thread that is relevant to the Project Guitar.com web site.

The rules :

1. It must be a site that is either useful in the modification, building or repairing of acoustic guitars and you should post where you think the site should go in the Project Guitar website.

2. No retail sites- links to sites such as Musicians Friend or other places that just sell guitars and equipment have no real relevance to the concept behind project guitar. The only exception would be sites of manufacturers for the "Obligatory Guitar Manufacturers" listings.

3. The site must not be previously listed in the Project Guitar.com web site elsewhere.

4. Home page links only- in other words 10 links that tell different things all from the same main website to boost your score isn't an option. They would and will count as 1.

5. The first to post via time stamp of the board is the one who gets credit in the event two different people post the same link.

6. Rules subject to change as needed in order to promote a healthy contest.

7. Winners are responsible for any and all import taxes if you live outside of the continental United States.

8. You must have a valid e-mail address listed in your profile so that I may contact you to find out what size and colors you want at the end of the contest.

Here is what you will win and how you are scored:

For each link used by Project Guitar.com, you will receive 1 Bobbin Topper (retail value $2 USD) furnished from Brian Calvert Music. These will be distributed the following week after the closing of this month via standard air mail (included).

The person that list's the highest number of usable links will receive not only their Bobbin Toppers but also a Project Guitar.com coffee cup (retail value $12 USD) as grand prize for this contest.


There will be No substitutes of prize winnings. All prizes will be awarded as is and no cash prize's are available for this contest. In the event Universal Jems is out of the specific color of Bobbin Topper requested an alternate color should be provided at time of request for your list :D

Let the contest begin :D

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i looked around, als aint listed as far as i can see, well it dont matter, im not worried about the pickup bobbins, or anything else prize wise, its just a site i have thought about doing and thought i would share with someone, its a great opportunity, as i seem to do well with the bolt on screw together instruments, but an awesome classical guitar build from scratch would be so awesome, oh well, if it is not listed the bobbin overlay would be cool, zebra pickups are always neato


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