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Sher-wood Pre-cat Clear Lacquer?


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Check this out

Pre Cat Lacquer

I heard this stuff is really great for fast drying, good gloss and durablity. I was going to go with Deft quart can or some other Nitro, but was turned off by long dry time, and limited scuff/abrasion resistance. I am not that concerned about resonance because this is a rebuild strat job, not an acoustic.

I was really curious how this stuff sands/buffs out during the final polishing stage. It seems like a winner product because of the fast dry time and such, but I want to know how it polishes/buffs.

I just may pick some up today because of what limited good things I have heard about it. Just wondering if anyone has any experience about this Sherwin stuff.

Thanks :D

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Sry i dont have any experiance with this stuff but... I think you might wanna think about something first.

I am by no means an expert but what I seem to have found when doing research about solid body guitar building is that its only a myth that resonance does't matter with them just look around this site and ppl are always talking about the tonal qualities of the wood for the strat copys. So if you want the best sound it seems to be a combo of the body wood, the finishing techniqe, and the pups.

But like I said I am no expert. And besides this place has a lot of ppl experimenting with new stuff so try it mabey it will work great who knows its all what you want not what other ppl think you should have.

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I've been real busy so sorry for the delayed response.

I've shot a ton of this stuff. It's a good quality production lacquer primarily intended for the kitchen cabinet industry. A lot of furniture guys swear by it.

You'll definitely get the best results using the vinyl sealer. This stuff does not sand as well as regular lacquer sanding sealer, at least in my experience. Some of the folks here who like to sand to 6000 or so may find it gums the paper even sanding wet.

The lacquer does resist yellowing really well. It doesn't buff as easily as nitrocellulose, but it cures much faster and harder than nitro. After about a month at normal temps it fully cross links and is hard as a bowling ball.

Not too many folks make heavily finished high gloss kitchen cabinets.

I don't think that there is an appreciable difference in between-coat dry time.

Stay far far away from anything with the name "conversion".

Shewin-Williams makes good consistant finishes, but I've found that their customer service is friendly to only large production shops, at least in the middle Atlantic area. You won't get a lot of problem solving help with a couple of guitars.

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Thanks for your response! Um...i went to the Sherwin Williams in my area and they had no idea what that part#/stuff was....Hmm.. I ended up buying a gallon (which i promptly returned unused) of thier moisture-resistant lacquer.

You see, I am refinishing an american std strat in metallic silver. I want to..sanding sealer/primer/metallic/clear.

i had pretty good results with

1. minwax sanding sealer

2. bin white primer

3. krylon metallic nickel silver

4. clear (from my spray gun rig)

I was going to go with nitro, but hoping for something else that would be clear/polish well/be hard.

Any advice..or should i just suck it up and get a quart of behlens nitro from stew mac?


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If you're looking for a nice hard, easy to sand, easy to buff, GREAT gloss finish look into McFadden's Nitrocellulose Lacquer. I pretty much swear by it (because I cannot shoot polys until I build my spray booth) because it's great stuff! You can buy a gallon of it from LMII.

I've actually been looking into purchasing other brands though. Nitro just isnt durable enough for me and I was looking at some either pre-cat lacquer or polys (again, once I get a booth set up $$$ :D ). Any recommendations on some hard(er) nitro guys?

Edit: I painted this strat with McFaddens Nitro lacquer (please excuse the cheesey pickguard, I've since changed it to a classic white one):


Keep in mind, most of the gloss, hardness and ease of buff is how you buff, how you apply it and how long you let it dry (infrared heat lamps rule :D ).


Is that the acid-cat stuff you're talking about?

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Hi I'm new to the forum and I must say it is very informative

I have a few questions on lacquers as I have seen some finishes I really like and wonder what product is used to achieve it. Have a look at this


Does anyone have any idea what clear finish these guys use?

Showing my inexperience here but I was under the impression that all nitrocellulose laquers are slightly yellow and if so, wouldnt they slightly discolor the bright stains that are used underneath?

The clearcoat on the US masters guitars looks water white clear, you know, no yellowy tinge

So, can anyone advise me what to use?

Im building an SG so the body and neck are mahogany


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