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What Sites Can I Find Project Guitars?

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I would like to get my hands on another project guitar, but I don't know where to get one.

The most obvious choice is ebay, but as we all know its almost hard to be secure in a transaction at ebay, knowing those damn snipers with 5 seconds left to go eh :D ?

Where I live there is a biannual rock n roll yardsale with vintage parts, guitars etc, but....thats biannual.

Another problem I should bring up, I'm a teen with no job, so I only have about 150 bucks to spend.

Sooo, sites, suggestions.........free money even? (jk jk)

Thank you

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Look up this number on "the bay".  7380798367  Buy It Know is $35.  Looks like good alder wood.  Snatch it up.

interesting, I'll consider it. I was thinking although, something more along the lines of a busted vintage guitar that just needs repair (preferably name brand, but i know 150 won't take you far)

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