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Jazz Bass Pickup Positions


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Firstly I'd like to say without this website my bass guitar would be nowhere like it is now! I need a fairly fast answer because she needs to be finished in 3 weeks if I am to get a good grade!

I am looking for >good< positions to put two schaller JB6 jazz bass pickups. I don't know about any rules for placing them (heard something of a third fret from something or other...) and dont want to place them on nodes (is this really even a problem or is anywhere in theory OK?) Or anywhere bad. :D

I just want good places for them! I'm not really a bass player as such (a wannabe player :D ), I just chose a school GCSE project and seemed to have bitten off more than I could chew! I'm building it for the challenge and any help you could give me here would be very much appreciated!

I have a 34" scale, 22 frets, bridge spacing is 2.25 inches, I plan on playing a lot of low E to satisfy the guitarists soloing needs!

Ill be sure to post pics when she's done!

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The general rule is the further towards the 12th fret (half of the scale length) the more 'warm' sounding it will be. towards the bridge its more bright.

+1 - The only trick is to get a good range of response between the two pickups, without making the neck too dark or the bridge too shrill. The margin for error is pretty wide, so you're really gonna have to work at it to bollix it up really badly. Anything that eyeballs pretty close to the standard Fender spacing should sound great, so there's no need for the micrometer for this one.

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