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Opinions Please

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First off i would like to introduce myself since i am pretty new. My name is skatz and i have very little guitar building experence but i am a decently skilled woodworker and i love to play guitar. i figured bringing some of my hobbies together might be a good thing to try. anyway, I wanted to know if my little idea is possible and how hard it would be. i have been looking around for some guitar to "copy" for my first attempt, i have thought about a strat les paul prs and tele. in your opinion which would be best for my first try if i only have about $200 dollars right now (maybe to buy just a body now and some other little things). i was thinking about a mahogany(for warm tone) or ash(for the light weight) body with a flame or quiltled maple top. if someone could help me in the right direction i would be very greatful.

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I'd allways go with mahogany but thats just me!

And if you want to carve your own body i have one wierd looking V shape in fullsize that i can give to you.

that would be awesome. i am definatly going to carve my own body. the only thing im worried about building from scratch is the neck.

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