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Acrylic Guitar Bodies

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I havn't worked with acrylic/plexi/whatever in a guitar bodie, but I would also like to try it. I have always wanted one of the Armstrong plexi guitars. I've heard that they sound pretty good, and the looks of those guitars...wow.

But you need nicer looking pants if playing one of those :D

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You can buy lexan that is thick enough but be prepared to re-mortgage the house. Its expensive stuff. I have a 2 part clear polyester resin and have toyed with the idea of making a mold. But thats stuff is friggin expensive too. Enough to make a body would prob set you back 100 bucks provided everything went perfect the first time. Not likely, I did a test slush mold of a 1/32 scale toy car. (for the other hobby, slot cars) I had too much hardener even tho I was following the directions. The casting went tacky untill it eventually hardened. It is extremely brittle as well.

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I believe there are glues u can use to glue sheets together, that will actually melt the plastic to join the two together so you dont have any glue lines. Im gonna reseach this a little bit more.

well, thats ok for a butt joint but a latge flat area would be visible. Kinda like getting bubbles under a large clear sticker. Hell it may be possible tho, but im skeptical.

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