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Changing Neck Radius

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hey there, my first post in this beautifull forum :D i've visited many many times before.

Anyway, i had a Samick guitar which i stoped using 3 years ago cause i got a jem. a few months ago i decided to customise it and rebuid it from scratch. i took off all the paint with sandpaper removed pickups and basicly everything. i converted it to hardtail. and put in new pickups and electronics.

it has very nice and thin neck but i don't like the radius of it. it's about 18-21mm but round. i want to make it flat like my ibanez jem which has a 430 radius, is that possible, i want it flat and thin. like a ibanez wizard neck. what tools do i have to use?

or is that allready discussed in the forum?


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i want to change the radius of the neck, u know sand it 2-3mm to flaten in. it's a prety good neck so i don't want to let it go to waste since i'm rebuilding the guitar. i will post some pics soon. my main concern is that if i "remove" some woof from the back of the neck it would break under the tension of the strings.

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You can't remove any from the back of the neck. You risk uncovering the trussrod, and ending up with a neck which is too thin.

If you're *really* set on this, get an X-ray of the neck, so you know how much meat you can afford to remove. However, I *strongly* recommend you don't try it.

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Fraid photos won't help. You need to see inside the neck, to see where the truss rod is, to know how much you can sand off the bottom, because if you leave too little wood underneath the rod, the neck could snap completely.

Seriously, make another neck or buy a similar scaled Ibanez wizard neck. Sell this one you take off to recoup some of the cash?

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You might want to refresh yourself on the picture posting rules, too:

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I didn't realize you were going after the BACK of the neck (when I read RADIUS I think FRETBOARD; when I read PROFILE I think of the BACK).

Well, yeah, you should know where the truss rod is, especially WRT the nut area - THAT's where trouble is likely to start. Having said that, I sanded down a Carvin neck, but I knew from a cross section pic where the rod was and I took more off the "D" shape shoulders than the actual back.

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