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Jupiter Condensor?


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I was just looking at the supply section of projectguitar.com and noticed their link to the "Jupiter Condensor." This capacitor intrigues me but I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with these and could explain to me the difference in sound/performance from a regular guitar capacitor. And if i end up getting this i'll be putting it on a master no-load tone control for a strat with 3 single coil pickups (lace holy grails). Would getting a .022mfd or a .047mfd make more sense? Or does it matter?

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they are basically high quality caps for amps/speakers and can be used in guitars, altho i doubt the sound will change drastically.

personally i wouldnt pay that much for a cap (was looking into this "upgrade")

this is how far i got http://www.specialtyguitars.com/electronics/caps.html

going to order the mallorys i think (and the treble bleeds) for a strat and tele

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