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Quick Newbie Question...


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Some of my electronics in my S101 SG need replaced, I took the backing plate off and noticed two things, the wood was plainted black and the way the eletronics are attatched.

Question is, what adhesive is used for keeping the electros to the wood, it doesnt seem like glue, but Im not sure. This will help de-attatching and attatching the new electronics. Bare in mind Im very new at this.

Any help is appreciated, thanks. :D

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Exactly. Sometimes the pots will be stuck in the finish from many years of being set in there. It may seem like they are stuck (even after the nut is taken off) but they can be carefully tapped/pryed out. Keep in mind if you hit the shaft too hard you can destroy the pot if you were thinking about re-using it. If you are replacing them all, then go to town.

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