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Use Same Effects For Two Amps?


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I have a friend (really - not me) who has a multi-effects processor and some floor pedals that he would like to use for two amps. He has a Mesa and a Peavey amp. He does not like to use the Peavey's preamp - he uses his multi-effects for the distortion. He uses the Mesa's preamp though (of course).

So, should he be looking at using some A/B/Y's or can he use the effects loop of the multi-effects to send to the Peavey, ... ? Lots of ways I guess but I wanted to at least get the question started. I'll try to provide more details as needed.



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If he has some $ to blow he could get the Morley George Lynch Tripler then he can set up his effects chain in front of it and then he can run one amp or both amps at the same time. Although I do have to ask is he running effects in the effects loop of his amps? because in that case there would be more complicated switching to work out without having to invest in a seperate set of pedals.

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short answer yes

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