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Floyd Rose Lic. Speedloader

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Hi guys, PLEASE HELP! I'm building a Randy Rhoads flying V guitar with a floyd rose lic. bridge I got from ebay. I need the distance for the springs between the middle of the bridge block and the end of the spring claw. I got it at 4" right now but I can only put 1 or 2 springs depending if I want the bridge above or below center with 70mm springs. I want to put atleast 3 and have it centered. Can you tell me the distance or know somewhere I can find out?

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there is no set "right distance" for all trems, string guages, or setups, if u want ur trem level or slightly below level then wind the screws in ur claw in so the spring tension is higher, or if ur trem is below level and u want it level back the screws off untill u are happy. you will have to do this every time u change between string guages (eg from 9's to 11's)



*edit* didnt mention that u dont have the claw flush with the back of the cavity

*edit#2* the bridge isnt actually a speedloader, its just cheap crap

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