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Jackson Warrior Customize

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Now, I want to add that thing at the end of the board and naturally change the direction of the pickups, but i already know how to do the pickups, more or less.

For the end of the board ..

How shall i go about producing that and adding it to the fretboard/neck?

Also when pickups are slanted does it have any realy effect on tone, kinda like a fanned fretboar where you're going short on the treble and the bass is long, similarly the pickup moves upwards and the bridge pickup will end upfine on the lowest string, but the thinner you get the pickup will move higher.. is this weird or will it have any effect on the sound and if so how much.

It looks really cool but I don't wanna do this If it's gonna be TOO tedious and weird.

The only thing is I'm getting a chrome, WRXT second hand and I don't watn a chrome bridge/hardware.. any suggestions as to what I could do, Love the Warrior man, though if you have any tasty pics or links or anything, I'd like to hear.

Thankyou. :D

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