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Fernandes Sustainer


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Hi there Burchill

Welcome to PG. A web site with Sustainers...ah ha...this one!!! Check out the search function...a search of Fernandes brought up some good stuff...press this link and you will find a bit including pics...PG Search on "fernandes"

I'm not sure of exactly what kind of info you are looking for but Fernandes does have a PDF on installation on their web site...Fernandes wiring pdf

Here's a link to a member here who installed one in a Gem and the routing required to install it...Arrowhead Ibanez Sustainer Install. Also check out the Sustainiac site, very similar requirements...

I know the Sustainer Thread is long but there is information like this on there...(p73)...Fernandes Install Into Kramer Guitar...which is particularly good.

I don't know of any strat installs myself (other than my own DIY Sustainer Strat) but it is possible at least with the Sustainiac System and I know guys like Vai use it in a guitar like a Gem so must be able to acomodate multi-pickup gutars. But the wiring is complex and support is limited and it will require routing, at least for the battery (that needs regular changing so the Strat's scratch plate is not going to be practical).

It probably is a job for someone with a fair bit of experience in such things...but if you check this seach out, you may find all you need. Otherwise, you are welcome to join the Sustainer Thread as there are people who look in there who may well have done it...good luck...pete

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