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Planet Waves Locking Tuner Hole Size

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Ok,I am going to build a Warmoth Explorer guitar,which will have a Kahler 2220C cam tremolo.I want to get these Planet Waves locking tuners,but I need to know something:

I tune to B,so my string gauge is 13-58! Are the string holes on these tuners big enough for a string of this size? I remember installing Sperzel locking ones on a guitar and the holes were too small to accomodate a string of that size.2 more questions:

1.If I have a graphite nut installed,will it work just as well as a locking nut with a tremelo,since the tuners are locking?

2.Once I have the grooves in the nut widened to take the thicker strings,will I ever be able to use lighter strings with the same nut,or will they slip too much,since there is more space?

Thanks to all in advance! I can't wait to get this project going,but I need to know these things,and can't find any info online!

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No clue about the planet waves, but...ask StewMac. They sell 'em, and they're possibly the most helpful supplier ever. Customer service second to none. I would think you could widen the holes on the Planet waves slightly without too much trouble, the 'trimming' mechanism is external to the holes, after all. This said, I've had no issues installing baritone guitar strings on (f'r instance) Gotoh guitar tuners. And they're quite a bit bigger than a measly 58.

Locking tuners are not quite as effective as locking nuts, because you've still got a bit of slack in the tuners, a bit of string winding around the post. Hardly any, but some. How much do you dive bomb, is the real question? As for your nut, you'll probably need a new one if you change string guage radically. Making a new nut is pretty trivial, though, so...

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