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Pickguards - Trouble Finding An Odd Shape

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My strat copy guitar is actually enough different from strat that a strat pickguard would not fit it right. I want a dark green pearl guard, which is hard enough to find already cut for a strat.

So does anybody know where I might be able to purchase solid sheets of the plastic? I figure I can just trace around my existing pickguard and cut it with a jigsaw (this kind), and countersink the screw holes wiht a normal drill bit. I don't know what I'd do about the tapered edge, but I'm not sure it would need it depending on what plastic I might be able to find.

Oh, btw I'd like something a little darker than this if I can find it anywhere. The stuff at Warmoth looks like it's a lighter green than what I want.

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Not the cheapest in the world but available and reliable.

For the bevel - i've seen some use a router table (eeek!!) or a Dremel with a 45deg bit. Me, as i don't have to do it often, just use a piece of 8"x8"x1.5" mdf that i've cut one side to 45deg and do it by hand with either block or fingers - not ideal but it didn't cost me anything and i mainly use it for TRC's which take about 30 seconds to do.

Jem :D

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