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Cutting Fret Slots - Any Tips To Speed This Up?

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Candle wax and/or a bar of soap. The slots get cleaned out anyway with StewMac's slot cleaning tool afterwards, and the amoung on there is minimal. Don't use any since I've started slotting with my japanese handsaw, mind you, but candle wax has done me fine to date, and I've never had problems supergluing frets.

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Even dry graphite is a better idea than motor oil or wax

I only used the oil for an ebony fretboard. I wouldn't adivise it any where else. I don't glue frets either. The proof is in the pudding: the guitar looks and plays fine. In retropsect, it would have been more logical to use fretboard oil. Many people use that on a regular basis afterall. I've since ditched slotting my own fretboards all together. I now outsource it; eventually I'll put up the money for the stewmac fretsaw tablesaw blade.

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