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Neck Pocket Space Question

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i am putting together a dean bolt-on guitar, and in buying the parts i bought what i thought was a generic neck plate & bolt set. When i tried attaching the neck to the body, the bolts would not go in all the way. Do I need different length bolts, do i have to redrill the holes on the neck,or do i have to shim the neck?

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You don't say how much of the screw sticks out.

When you hold the bolt next to the neck pocket (i.e., with the neck in the pocket and the plate positioned at the back, how far does the bolt go?

If it's so long that it reaches the fretboard, then you're going to have to use shorter screws.

If it looks like there's enough space to sink the entire screw, then you can deepen the screw hole --use a gimlet or a drill, not the screw itself.

I don't know if there's a 'safe zone' that you have to respect as you get closer to the fretboard. Maybe someone else can say?

Another thing you don't mention though is whether the screw holes on the body match the screw holes on the neck --otherwise, you might be trying to drive the screw into the wood, and not into the holes...which comes with the risk of splitting the wood.

And also check to see that there's enough clearance for the screws through the body holes (you shouldn't have to struggle at all to drive the screws all the way through...you should actually be able to push the screws all the way through). Maybe they're not going all the way in because the body holes aren't wide enough for these screws.

At any rate, I wouldn't put a shim in the neck pocket, if it's really an issue of long screws. I'd shorten the screw distance on the outside, like stacking a second neck plate. Or just get a set of shorter screws.

Parts guitars...I'm against them now. Personal experience!

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