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New Guy Wiring Questions

bucking hum

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Im rewiring an old guitar with new pickups, pots, 3 way switch, and output jack. I have the duncan mayhem SH-6n, SH-6b distortion set. After looking at 2 different wiring scematics I noticed that both have the capacitor wired differently. Seymore duncan wiring scematics has the capacitor soldered to both volume and tone pots. Basic wiring diagrams (and my ibanez that I looked at to see how it was wired(doesn't have seymore duncan pups) have the capacitor soldered to the tone pot only.

Why is this?

here are links to the scematics

Seymore Scematics

Generic Scematics

also where does the output jack get grounded to? (for that matter im not sure where most grounds go)

this is sort of a prebuild, so i can learn how to wire and finish a body before i start my first actual guitar build

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if you look closely, they are the same pretty much, one uses a wire to connect the volume and tone the other uses the capacitor in its place, i think either way work work just he same.

The trem claw or bridge are grounding points, aswell as the back of pots. out put jack is grounded th the trem claw/bridge.

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