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Replacement Strat Neck


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Does anyone know of a place that sells replacment necks for Strats with a veneer fretboard?

You mean with a glued on fretboard? Ebay's your place...but there are tons of online parts stores too...also, most of the Asian strat/tele clones don't have one-piece necks either, even the maple necks are maple with glued on maple fretboards.

One tip though (learned the hard way): make sure whatever neck you buy matches EXACTLY the specs of the neck you're trying to replace --so if you have a 22 fret neck with no overhang, you have to buy a 22 fret neck with no overhang. You can't put a 21 fret neck in its place. ( I think you can put a 21 fret in the place of a 22 fret neck WITH overhang though--but then you might need to replace the pickguard too)

You'll need to match the width of the heel so that it'll fit snug in your neck pocket. And, importantly, you're also going to want to verify that the thickness at the heel (i.e., the depth) matches exactly the existing neck.

Not to mention another thing easy to overlook-- adding a neck with the truss rod adjustment at the heel to a guitar that had the adjustment at the headstock. (I don't know how difficult this one would be to overcome)

As I've said elsewhere...with all the work I had to put in trying to get all the pieces of my parts guitar (telecaster) to fit together, I would have been better off building the body from scratch and matching THAT to the parts I had. In fact, I'm probably going to end up doing that anyway.

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If you mean the 60s curved veneer rosewood neck, I've never seen an aftermarket one. That doesn't mean there aren't any, just that I haven't seen one. If you mean a regular slab board replacement, you can go the ebay route and take your pick. There are several sellers offering new Fender takeoffs, sellers dealing in new licensed parts, and hucksters unloading used and used up pieces.

Licensed aftermarket brands: Warmoth, Allparts, Musikraft, Mighty Mite. Note that the higher the 'perceived quality', the higher the price. USA Custom Guitars make excellent products, but are not licensed so the headstock will be slightly different.

Pay attention to heel dimensions to avoid any fitment issues, and be aware that any neck you buy will likely need some work.

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ya I'm familiar with all the licensed fender producers, I make guitar and I had a request for the vintage Veneer fretboard not the slab and I hadn't heard of any place doing that but I thought I would ask. I think what I'm gonna end up doing is taking a maple neck and taking out the frets and using a Veneer for a acoustic guitar and putting on the neck, my only problem is the stripe down the back. always somthing.

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