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Cheapest Quilted Maple

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Hey all.. I am building my beauty soon and I want that Quilted Maple finish.. but without the $700 price or whatever haha.. I am planning on using a Neckthru neck with 2 alder board sides, so I assume I need a quilted maple laminate board.. rather than a 1/2 inch board.. 1/8th quilted maple should work right? That way the stain should still show, just the sound is still a solid body 3piece..

This stuff is friggin expensive.. I only found one piece of 1/8th quilted maple on StewMac and it wasnt even the right size for my guitar, for like $90 US! Is it all that expensive? Damn hah..

Im building basically a Death Kelly so I need something within that shape, and hoping to not pay too much for the quilted maple laminate, since its just a laminate, it shouldnt be $100 lol..

Also, how would I go about staining this? or attaching it to the actual guitar rather? Would I attach it then route pickups/etc or ?

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I added a quilted maple veneer to a maple/mahogany body. It cost me only AU$40.00 for the timber and it looks awesome.

One thing to be aware of when using a veneer is that if the body has curves, you cannot bend the veneer over the curves unless you have a vacuum seal set up, and even then it can be fairly dodgy.

So take that into consideration.

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This place sells acoustic guitar backs by themselves as low as 58 bucks. They will be thin like you want:


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