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Hidden Switches (s1)


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I am finishing the electronics/paint on my major redone Am Std. strat project and had a question. I would like to see if there is any other type of swtich rather than a mini toggle that will get these 3 positions (in addition to the 5 way of course)

1. Mags

2. Mags + Piezo

3. Piezo

It would be extra cool if there was a way to install this type of switching without adding a visible switch (toggle)...i was thinking s1 switches in the first two vol controls. The three knobs are going to be

1. Mag vol

2. piezo vol

3. tone (for mag only).

Where does one get s1 switches and knobs?


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you could use two Push-Push pots; one to activate the mag (or deactivate) and one to activate the piezo output. To be honest, a mini toggle is probably a) the easiest option and :D the most practical option in terms of switching from mag to piezo with minimal fuss. You could always run in stereo and make a foot pedal for switching if you're bothered about the appearance of the guitar B)



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Thanks for all your responses! I hardwired up the X-Bridge last night and was delightfully impressed (even with no preamp straight into my a crappy crate 10w amp). The blend pot sounds like a good idea, but I think I may go with one mini toggle. The reason being is that i could be playing a soft acoustic passage, then flip the switch and have full-out distortion/overdrive. With a blend pot i would have to swell the volume up. Anyone know where to get the new fender (s1 switches)?

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