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Just A Little Problem...

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Hey guys, I have an alverez rd2-sc (acoustic electric cutaway) that i got for christmas. Overall I like the guitar, but have noticed just a few things that may need adjusting but dont know quite where to start. First off the high (pitch) E string seems to kindof "ping" rather than have a true clear ringing sound. This is especially true the higher up on the fretboard the string is played. Around the thirteenth fret is when this is most noticable. Something easy or should i take her in?

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How is the action (string height over frets)? Is there a rattling sound to the string? Is this appearing ONLY on the high E, or is it most pronounced on the high E and lesser on the rest?

Check for loose parts. Start with the string pin in the bridge. Does it sit firmly in the bridge? How does the bridge bone feels in the slot? If it is slightly loose the sound is altered. Is it plastic? Have it changed! Tap slightly around the perimeter of the bridge to search for glue joint failure. The sound will be different from the normal, solid “thud”.

Just a few of the things that comes to my mind. Maybe some one else have better ideas.

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