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Its Possible Build That Router Table?


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That's a pin router with a pretty standard large router body (3-4 HP) mounted in it. Might be able to pick up an old one on eBay or similar, supply your own motor.

To get it that big, and that sturdy, you'll want a solid metal frame, and short of a stroke of luck, that won't come cheap. There are a few on eBay for around the 500-600 dollar mark, which seems reasonable. You can build your own, though:


I haven't done it, mind, but the option's there. Something like an old stanley overarm router would likely be ideal.

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I have that stanley overarm router in the basement shop. I do my binding on it and smaller less messy routing. Anything I missed with the big router.

I paid 250 for it. Mine does not have the table like Wayne's that a very nice add on. also most of these are missing the chain and sprockets that move the head up and down.

Go to old woodworking machines to see pics of this as it was sold. I have seen the crop up on ebay from time to time. I wanted to get another one forthe parts.

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Wayne built that one himself soooo its definately possible.

No, Wayne bought an old Stanley overarm pin router (google it) and refurbished it and added a new table.

Thats what I meant....I know he didn't actually fabricate everything. sorry for not being clear.

Anyway, I am in the process of building a pin arm table myself. I purchased a router and plunge base. I made a shelf for the plunge base to sit on with an arm that adjusts in inch increments, I will use the plunge base for fine adjustments. It has a table with a vice for the pins etc. Its all made out of steel. I will post pics of it when is finished. So it is definitely possible to make something useful.

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