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Inlaid Ammonite Fossil


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As of late I've been searching for something that I could inlay into the headstock of my bass (Yes, the one I still haven't finished. Though, I have made a lot of progress in the past week or so). I wanted it to also be something that I could continually inlay into future basses as a trademark of sorts.

A few days ago I was looking around the gift shop at the Indiana State Museum and found a pair (really one shell cut down the middle) of fossilized ammonite shells. I figured that it would look great inlaid into maple, and it does. The colors contrast really well. Here are a couple of shots of a practice inlay. My cheap camera doesn't show the colors well, but you still get the basic idea.



Notice that there are a few spots where the wood is lighter around the fossil. That is where I had packed dust from the routing to cover up some mistakes. There is no glue to hold the shell to the scrap wood. I didn't want to glue it in because I really don't want to waste one half of the shell practicing. I thought I did strangely well, though, especially for it being my first time.

Hopefully, once my Stewmac Dremel base arrives, I will be able to get it looking a lot better. The one I have at the moment cuts down on almost all visibilty.

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What did you use to sand it down?

I would think it would be difficult to sand.

It looks great though!

Craig L.

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